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Weight Loss: Why do I overeat?

There can be many different reasons why you overeat. If you were brought up in an environment where you were plied with sweets or cakes as a reward then your mind may have formed an association between food and pleasure (reward). On the other hand, if food was scarce when you were younger you might find yourself compensating for what you felt was missing then.

Some people see food as a comfort - perhaps you are trying to fill an emotional gap and use food as a pacifier.  Others may feel that by gorging themselves they will become unattractive and so avoid relationships which they feel unable to handle (as in the case of someone who has been hurt in the past and doesn't want to put themselves into a position where they will be hurt again. Everyone is unique and so are their “triggers”, This is why I customize each weight loss session around the specific individual and their unique, specific needs to reach their goals.

Will I miss food if I use hypnosis for weight loss?

If you have tried dieting you're probably all too well aware of how your thoughts constantly revolved around the next meal or calories or points. Hypnotherapy helps by reprogramming your subconscious mind to think and feel differently about food. You will learn to accept that you eat to live, not the other way around.

So, the answer to this question is a resounding No. There is always plenty of food around so there is no reason why you should miss it. You will only eat when you are truly hungry and when you have had enough to eat you will stop. There is little worse than having a very full and bloated stomach - not being able to feel comfortable and having your clothes feel tight around your waist.

What other reasons could there be why I can't achieve a decent weight loss?

Is your lifestyle sedentary? Since your weight began to increase, what changes have occurred in your lifestyle? Lack of exercise can cause weight gain, as can an excessive intake of alcohol or snacking between meals.

Or perhaps you don't eat a lot but what you do eat is starchy, maybe your eating habits are erratic or your lifestyle means that you spend a lot of time going out for meals or eating the wrong sort of food at work because of a lack of choice.

In the latter case you could prepare a lunch box with food that you know is good for you. There is plenty of information about nutritional facts around so I won't go into what is and isn't healthy here.

One of my latest and most popular Weight Loss techniques is the Gastric Band Hypnosis technique.  There has been much publicity in the media recently about how gastric band surgery enables people with serious weight problems to lose at least half of their excess weight in less than 2 years.

If you respond well to hypnosis then the Gastric Band Hypnosis Technique can help you to feel as though you have undergone Gastric Band Surgery (at every level). The nicest thing about it is that you didn't have to 'undergo the knife' - yet you feel and think as though you had. After Gastric Band Surgery many people have an aversion to food. They are still attracted to food but cannot eat it because of the alterations in their stomach. Imagine this - you really feel like a Pizza/Burger/KFC or whatever - in your head you can eat a whole meal - but when it arrives in front of you - a nibble or two is all that you can manage.

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