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Services & Specialties

Trauma Recovery 

     Trauma is an emotional response to a horrific event such as an accident, abuse, rape, or natural disaster. Any shocking or dangerous event someone sees or experiences is a trauma. They may not even realize they’re traumatized.  They’ll be in shock, feeling numb and detached – unable to deal with the emotional intensity of what happened.

     Fortunately, hypnosis is a powerful tool for dealing with many common types of trauma. In fact, hypnosis and trauma have a long and successful history.

     Stacy uses several techniques that can help clients come to terms with their traumatic experiences and enable them to get on with their lives. That’s important because trauma is not a rare or unusual occurrence, and while they might not readily admit there’s a problem, the emotional impact could be immense.

Anxiety & Stress Management

     Anxiety, stress and worry are often a result of our fast-paced and over-scheduled lifestyles. While some stressors can be beneficial, an overabundance can lead to problems, including panic, procrastination, irritability, sleep distress, bad habits, weight gain, feeling overwhelmed and out of control, low self-confidence and more.  

     Do you ever feel overwhelmed, out of control or controlled by your negative feeling or thoughts Do you struggle with panic, anxiety attacks or constant worry?  

     Stacy can help you navigate the rough waters of your crazy, busy life and create anchors, safety nets and other tools to help you feel better.

Stressed Woman
Thinking Man on Couch

Post Traumatic Stress

Hypnosis is a powerful treatment for PTSD because it treats the issue at it's core: the triggers. Calm the triggers, calm the person.

Because hypnosis is primarily a method for accessing and working with the subconscious, it's perfect for PTSD and countless other issues that originate in some type of trigger or locked away memory.

Healthy Lifestyle

Hypnotherapy is very effective in helping people who need to lose weight, improve fitness, and wellness. Everyone is different, everyone’s weight problems can have different triggers, therefore, I work with my clients individually to identify and address the underlying causes and thinking patterns behind my client’s weight problem, and I then customize a personalized plan of action. It really doesn't matter if you need to lose only a few pounds or several - once these issues have been identified and addressed the weight will drop off.

Young Dietitian
Pregnant Woman


Hypno-birthing is a birthing method that uses self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques to help a woman feel physically, mentally and spiritually prepared and reduce her awareness of fear, anxiety and pain during childbirth. While specific programs differ, my hypno-birthing classes will teach you to practice and use a combination of self-hypnosis, music, visualization, positive thinking and words to relax the body and control sensations during labor. Keep in mind that hypno-birthing can be used in combination with many other birthing techniques. Research examining the benefits of hypno-birthing suggests that hypno-birthing might be more effective than other interventions at reducing labor pain.

Children & Adolescents

Are Your Kids…

  • Still wetting the bed?

  • Struggling with self-expression, self-confidence or self-esteem?

  • Having trouble with motivation or performance in school, sports or daily life?

How can Stacy help…

Everyone faces challenges, even kids. In fact, our kids’ challenges can be just as overwhelming to them as ours are to us. Oftentimes, our children haven’t yet learned effective tools to deal with their problems. And in their frustration, they’ll often create an unhealthy stressful overload on the other members of the family. Stacy helps children, young and old, by providing a safe environment to express their concerns, and then assists them in creating effective tools for success.

Happy Children
Athlete Stretching Legs

Sports Performance

Through the use of hypnosis an athlete can create an environment in the subconscious mind where stress and relaxation cannot coexist concurrently. For an athlete it is the key to realizing automatic reactions and achieving a hyper focused state during performance. When an athlete is focused and unaware of distracting thoughts his performance is automatic. Being in a relaxed state during play can mean the difference between success and failure. Achieving this paradox is the ultimate goal for facilitating peak sports performance at any level, no matter the age or experience of the player.

Test Anxiety &
Academic Performance

Test anxiety is one of the top five areas people seek out hypnosis. ” Anyone wanting to achieve optimal results in exam performance can benefit from test anxiety hypnosis.  Stacy has helped children, teens, college students, adults, and retirees seeking a new career through test anxiety hypnosis.

Here are a few tests people have received help for:

  • Bar exams

  • Professional board licensing exams (Physicians, massage therapists, police, real estate, etc.)

  • Entrance exams

  • Wide variety of school subject exams

  • Driver’s license tests

Students Taking Exams

Fears & Phobias

Since the process of relaxing is part of hypnosis, immediate relief is experienced. It is much easier to face and address fears when relaxed and comfortable. Emotions are a part of the unconscious so hypnotherapy is an ideal tool for addressing and eradicating fears and phobias.  Hypnotherapy can reach the core or cause of the fear and release it, giving back control of one’s life. Once a fear has been overcome, it is unlikely to be felt again. The fear can be put in the past where it belongs.

Career Performance

You can have the career you want.  Reignite your passion for success.  Increase your motivation, confidence and earning potential, release fears and doubts, get organized and take steps to reach your goals with ease and confidence.  Stacy can help you launch, build, re-build, market and grow your career, business or private practice using proven techniques. 


Office Coffee Break
Sad on Couch

Grief Recovery

Grief and loss affect us all uniquely, but the emotional toll can be overwhelming. Hypnosis is a valuable tool that can provide immense benefits during this difficult period. The stress and intense emotions that accompany grief can make everyday life seem insurmountable. Through hypnotherapy, you can find a sense of calm and peace amidst the storm. By processing your grief at your own pace, you regain control over your emotional state. Hypnosis can reduce the overwhelming intensity of grief, allowing you to care for yourself with compassion and self-love.

Smoking Cessation

Hypnosis has emerged as a promising technique to aid in smoking cessation. By guiding individuals into a state of deep relaxation and heightened suggestibility, Stacy can access the subconscious mind to reshape beliefs and associations related to smoking. 

This approach helps address emotional triggers that lead to smoking, replacing them with healthier coping strategies. By reprogramming the subconscious mind, hypnosis can enhance willpower and motivation, making it easier for individuals to break free from tobacco addiction.

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